Broadsheet Trailer Park Special: Innocence Of Muslims



What you really need to know:

1. This is the ‘trailer’ for the film that inspired the ongoing mayhem in Egypt and Libya, resulting in the deaths of four US personnel, including the American Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stephens. Watch more here.

2. The film is directed by ‘Sam Bacile’ – believed to be a pseudonym for an anti-Muslim zealot – one thing’s for sure, he’s not a filmmaker.

3. It takes a ‘satirical’ look at the life of Mohammad. Oh dear.

4. The mystery of the film’s creation is ongoing – unsurprisingly, no-one’s in any hurry to take the credit right now.

5. How did an inept piece of anti-Islamic propaganda, one that received a single empty screening in an LA cinema, cause this much trouble? Ask Pastor Terry Jones.

6. This clip has been blocked on You Tube in Egypt and Libya.

Release Date: Don’t go there.

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