Are You From Dublin?


Do you like this poster?

We have ONE framed edition of designer Alan Wall and photographer Richard Walshe‘s Le Cool Dublin cover from last week to give away.

Perfect for the home, office or to simply hide a nasty stain that’s lying there.

To enter, just finish this sentence.

I deserve the framed Dublin poster because…

Lines close at 2pm.

Meanwhile, here’s some detail:

Thanks Bibi

UPDATE: Richard has chosen the winning entry (below) by ‘Ronnie Drew’ (AKA Sinead)  Claire Healy wins a runners-up unframed poster. Thanks all.

I deserve the framed Dublin poster because I remember Dublin when it was really dirty old Dublin…when it was still a kip but we loved it anyway. I remember the old lady dancing on O’Connell Street. I remember Burdock’s on a Friday night stinking up my dad’s car with the smell of chips. I remember the barrage of 70 year old Dublin street sellers on Henry Street with their “wrappin’ paper, five for fifty” running their prams down the street when the guards showed up. I remember the stink of the Liffey…when it really stank. I remember Roches Stores and Hector Grey’s. I remember Mother Redcaps. I remember pre-hipster South William Street. I remember the Christmas windows in the old Switzers en route to the panto. I remember how Dubliners would avoid town on the 8th December. I remember when people would bemoan the return of “the students”. I remember the trees on O’Connell Street. I remember the Dice man. I get emotional listening to “Summer in Dublin” even though I still live here. So, please can I have it?

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