Karl’s App of the Day: Fix My Area


We’ve documented the graffiti around Dublin to the delight of some and the foam-flecked loathing of others.

To the latter: behold our first dual platform app, Fix My Area.

It encapsulates what I love about having a small networked camera in my pocket at all times. You take a picture of something the council needs to deal with, tag it with some details and off it flies to the relevant authority.

It’s a shame you can’t track what you’ve reported in app instead of having to go to the website.

And being picky little shit, it’s letterboxed on iPhone 5. An absolute bugbear of mine.

On Google Play for Android

On the App Store for iPhone

Do you have an Irish app? Broadsheet@broadsheet.ie

No favours, cuddles, or pints were given for this post. Review based on iOS version.