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The Magdalene Report.

A clean sheet for Catholics everywhere.

I expect I’ll get it in the neck for this one. I’m not saying that the use by the Irish state of the Magdalene laundries as reformatories to which people could be sent without explanation or due process was in any way defensible. And Irish nuns could undoubtedly be tough in those days (my wife has fond memories from her convent school in Swanage, now a holiday hotel, of being called “a bold girl” and having her hand thwacked with a 12-inch ruler). But, says one woman quoted [in the report], there was in the Magdalene laundries no physical punishment that she saw, and though things were “not rosy”, “we were treated good and well looked after”

William Oddie.

Not the Goodie.

The Magdalene Laundries Were Not Brutal: Anti-Catholics Have Lied About Them (William Oddie, Catholic Herald)