Battersea What You Did There


batt1 batt2 batt3 batt4A frankly brilliant proposal to turn the (abandoned since 1983) Battersea Power Station in London into a museum surrounded by an epic rollercoaster track.

Of the design concept, which won top prize in the ArchTriumph Museum of Architecture competition, Parisian architectural firm Atellier Zundel Cristea sez:

Our project puts the power station on centre stage, the structure itself enhancing the site through its impressive scale, its architecture, and its unique brick material. Our created pathway links together a number of spaces for discovery: the square in front of the museum, clearings, footpaths outside and above and inside, footpaths traversing courtyards and exhibition rooms. The angles and perspectives created by the rail’s pathway, through the movement within and outside of the structure, place visitors in a position where they can perceive simultaneously the container and its contents, the work and nature.


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