It’s The BIG One


1kg_gold_bunny_low RRP ?49.99

1kg of Lindt CHOCOLATE.

In bunny form

It’s the only thing that makes any sense in this crazy, mixed-up world.

And the mouth-watering rabbit could be Yours BEFORE 5pm.

We have literally one to give away in a chocogasmic competition.

To enter, just complete this sentence

I not only demand the 1kg of Lindt Chocolate, I deserve the 1kg of Lindt Chocolate because…..

Lines close at 5pm.

Rabbit delivered on Monday.

No chocolate, favours, etc were given for this post.


Gemma Kenny, Lindt’s public relations spokeswoman, writes:

The Lindt Gold Bunny Celebrity Auction is live right NOW – gold plated Lindt bunnies autographed by well-known Irish and International personalities are being auctioned on in the run up to Easter – auction closes on MONDAY at 3pm. The Auction includes people such as Robbie Williams, Daniel Radcliffe and Katie Taylor. Every successful bid wins the signed bunny as well as a Lindt Gold bunny hamper worth over €100. All Proceeds will go to Temple Street Children’s Hospital. You can follow the progress of the Lindt Gold Bunny Auction on the Lindt Chocolate Ireland Facebook page and get regular updates on Twitter – @Lindt_IRL #LindtGoldBunny.