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Sarah Burmanje (left) – Brand Manager, Lindt Ireland and John Doyle, Head of Portering Services and Ambassador, Temple Street Children’s Hospital

This morning.

Temple Street Children’s Hospital, Dublin.

Lia Stokes writes:

Continuing an annual tradition, the team at Lindt Ireland dedicated their Easter to raising funds for the Children’s Health Foundation, despite the challenges presented by Covid 19.

Lindt Ireland donated €40k worth of limited-edition Lindt GOLD BUNNY Hunt Packs to the Foundation with 100% of proceeds from each sale going directly to the charity.

A number of Hunt Packs were gifted to frontline workers in Dublin’s children’s hospitals, as well as to children and families in the hospitals. This year, the initiative by Lindt Ireland has raised over €20,000 to date.


Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland

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The bunnies are back!

Lia Stokes writes:

Everyone’s favourite Easter treat, the Lindt GOLD BUNNY is back again this spring in a variety of flavours, sizes and styles.

The iconic Lindt GOLD BUNNY is an Easter staple and this year, it’s all about adding that personal touch. 

Make yours personal with a choice of milk, white and dark chocolate varieties available as well as 4 different red ribbon messages to choose from in store. 

Whether wishing a Happy Easter, saying I Love You, adding to an Easter hunt – You Found Me or sharing with someone special – Just For You, there truly is a Lindt GOLD BUNNY for everyone.

Lindt GOLD BUNNY comes in a variety of different sizes, formats and flavours, available across all retailers nationwide.



We have two (yes TWO) 1kg Lindt Gold Bunnies to giveaway to one chocolate-loving reader.

Both bunnies are literally the size of small rabbits and would set you back €120 for the pair in the shops.

To enter, please complete this sentence.

‘I deserve the two enormous Lindt Gold bunnies especially at this time owing to_____________________________’

Lines MUST close at 9.45pm



We’ll say ‘when’.

Keep going…



Maybe a pinch more…

AND we’re good.

Nicole Osborne writes:

This winter, the Master Chocolatiers at Lindt have created a new milk chocolate experience.

Combining the creaminess of milk chocolate with the benefits of high cocoa content with the Excellence High % Cocoa Milk Chocolate collection.

And we know how much you like chocolate.

So we have ONE lovely hamper of the new range along with an assortment of Lindt goodied to give away to a Broadsheet reader….

Very decent of you.

To enter, just complete this sentence:

‘I deserve the Lindt hamper especially at this time owing to________________________’

Lines MUST close at 6.45pm.

Lindt Ireland

The LIndt hamper delivered to YOUR door by Thursday

Have we lost the true meaning of Easter?

Not here.

Joanne writes:

Lindt Chocolate Ireland launched its Make Easter Sweet for Temple Street campaign with Dundrum Town Centre last week.

The Lindt Gold Bunny Personalisation Station at Dundrum Town Centre runs until the 31st March where, for just €6, the iconic 200g Lindt Gold Bunny red ribbon can be personalised with funds raised going to Temple Street Children’s University Hospital.

To celebrate, we have a hamper filled with Lindt Easter treats to give away including the classic Lindt Gold Bunny to a Broadsheet reader.

The hamper will be delivered to the winner’s door (if in Dublin) by Thursday.

To enter, just complete this sentence.

‘Can you please send the Lindt hamper to________________________as they have had a particularly bad time owing to__________________________________’

Lines MUST close at 2.15pm 5.45pm!

Lindt Ireland


Would you like to ravish him under your tree?

Read on.

Lia writes:

There’s something special about Lindt chocolate. Whether it’s a moment of bliss after a long day at work, a treat after dinner or something special under the Christmas tree and this season the master chocolatiers have been hard at work creating a brand-new selection of sumptuous gifts.

As ever, Lindt continues to bring innovation to the market and this year see’s the launch of the Lindor Christmas Tree the adorable Lindt TEDDY and for the dark chocolate lovers, the Lindt Excellence Advent Calendar (all link below).

To celebrate this and the festive period generally, we have TWO Lint 1kg Santas to give away.

One for you and one for a Broadsheet commenter of your choice.

Just complete this sentence:

‘Just give me a 1kg Santa now and you can give the other one to________________because_________________’

Lines MUST close at 6.25pm MIDNIGHT

Lindt Ireland


The results are in!

Last week , with FIVE 1kg Lindt Gold Bunnies on offer, we asked you to complete this rhyme:

‘Roses are red,
Lindt bunnies are gold…’

You answered in your dozens.

But there could only be five winners:

Roses are red
Lindt bunnies are gold
Munchin’ chocolate rabbits
Makes you happier fourfold

Roses are red
Lindt bunnies are gold
A perfect treat for my daughters
Who are seven and eleven years old

Roses are red,
Lindt bunnies are boss,
Best keep him an egg,
In case he gets off that cross.
Bertie Blenkinsop

Roses are red,
Lindt Bunnies are gold,
No one buys me Easter eggs,
Ever since I got old.

Roses are red,
Lindt bunnies are gold
Fantastic offer by Lindt,
Even though they knew they’d be trolled.
Kenny Von Plank

Thanks all.

Lindt Chocolate Ireland

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Lindt MES Graphic1kg_gold_bunny_low RRP €49.99


A time for reflection and chocolate encased rabbits.

Gemma Kenny says:

“Lindt has donated thousands of Lindt 10g Gold Bunnies which will be available to chocolate lovers at the Lindt Gold Bunny Road Shows for a minimum donation of €1, with every cent going to Temple Street. The Gold Bunny Roadshow will be at Dundrum Town Centre (5th/6th April), Blanchardstown Shopping Centre (15th/16th April) and Pavillions Swords (18th/19th April).”

Splendid. Any chocolate?

“We can give you one Lindt Gold bunny worth [RRP] €49.99

How big would that be?

“A medium sized handbag or two 1990s ‘bum bags'”



We have ONE Lindt chocolate bunny – no smaller than a regular-sized ladies holdall – to give away and DELIVERED to your home or office!

To enter just complete this simple question:

How do YOU eat your Lindt chocolate Gold Bunny?

Lines MUST close at 12.45pm 2.30pm

Lindt Chocolate Ireland (Facebook)

Thanks Gemma

1kg_gold_bunny_low RRP ?49.99

1kg of Lindt CHOCOLATE.

In bunny form

It’s the only thing that makes any sense in this crazy, mixed-up world.

And the mouth-watering rabbit could be Yours BEFORE 5pm.

We have literally one to give away in a chocogasmic competition.

To enter, just complete this sentence

I not only demand the 1kg of Lindt Chocolate, I deserve the 1kg of Lindt Chocolate because…..

Lines close at 5pm.

Rabbit delivered on Monday.

No chocolate, favours, etc were given for this post.


Gemma Kenny, Lindt’s public relations spokeswoman, writes:

The Lindt Gold Bunny Celebrity Auction is live right NOW – gold plated Lindt bunnies autographed by well-known Irish and International personalities are being auctioned on in the run up to Easter – auction closes on MONDAY at 3pm. The Auction includes people such as Robbie Williams, Daniel Radcliffe and Katie Taylor. Every successful bid wins the signed bunny as well as a Lindt Gold bunny hamper worth over €100. All Proceeds will go to Temple Street Children’s Hospital. You can follow the progress of the Lindt Gold Bunny Auction on the Lindt Chocolate Ireland Facebook page and get regular updates on Twitter – @Lindt_IRL #LindtGoldBunny.