This Week’s Le Cool Dublin Cover


lecool‘The Corrections’.

A pint of Guinness and a pack of Tayto.

‘Corrected’ with 3D printing.

By  Aiden Grennelle, of ImageNow, who sez:

This is a reference to one of my favourite public sculptures in Dublin. A set of very large asymmetrically cut granite stones laid out on the grassy terrace above the formal gardens in IMMA. I’ve long been a fan but only recently saw a tiny plaque with their details and the artist’s name: Iran do Espírito Santo, and the name of the collection is The Corrections. I love them even more now. I wondered if I could “correct” some simple everyday Dublin icons.
Like the omnipresent pint of Guinness and the humble pack of Tayto. I asked a colleague 3D Dave to help me model the objects and then 3D print them, which I shot on an iPhone and very slightly retouched.


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