It’s A Reality



The Immigrant Council of Ireland this week published three recent incidents of racism in Ireland, of the many they receive, involving an African woman, two Muslim women and a South American soccer player.

“An African woman was subjected to a physical and verbal assault in a public area while waiting for a friend. During the incident she was kicked in the stomach and subjected to racist taunts. A number of passers-by ignored the attack and walked on before one member of the public came to her aid. The woman has suffered a fractured finger and stomach pains as a result of the attack.”

“Two Muslim women have reported that they were refused a request to be seen by a woman official when requested by a State agency to remove traditional head-dresses for identification purposes. They were left with no alternative but to remove the head-dresses in front of a man. Both women say they have suffered depression and insomnia as a result.”

“A South American soccer player in an amateur game was subjected to verbal abuse ‘Get the f**k out of my country’ and ‘you yellow f**ker’. It is reported the referee did not act on the abuse. The Immigrant Council is initiating contact with the FAI on the incident.”


Racism is a reality in Ireland: 3 recent cases (Immigrant Council)

Pic: Immigrant Council of Ireland