Do You Care For The Golf At All?


cartonopen“Mash potato!”

“It’s on the dance floor…”

“Sure, I don’t drive that far for my holidays…”

If these phrases have special meaning in your life you may know that Carton House in County Kildare (above) is home to the Montegomerie Golf Course and the O’Meara Golf Course.

AND that they will be hosting the Irish Open 2013 on June 27-30.

To celebrate, the Carton House’s public relations people have offered us one, yes one FOUR-ball to give away.

That’s YOU and three friends/relatives/etc. walking in the footsteps of golfing legends and others who have played the course, the ground staff and whatnot.

To enter just complete this sentence.

My three fellow ‘ballers would include {insert names] because________

Lines close at 4.45pm

No cash, favours, green fees, etc. were given for this post but….

Sarah from Insight wishes to add:

Carton House has hosted some of the world’s finest golfers at the 2005 and 2006 Irish Opens. Carton House is home to two magnificent golf courses The Montgomerie Golf Course and the O’Meara Golf Course.

The Montgomerie Course, designed by 7 times European Order of Merit winner Colin Montgomerie, will be the 2013 Irish Open course, hosting some of the world’s finest golfers. The ‘Monty’ is a 7300-yard “links style” journey across sweeping firm fairways, cavernous bunkers and impeccable greens.”

So there.


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