Gear Chandeliers


light-1 light-3 light-4 light-5 light-6 light-7Ballroom Luminoso – a series of six LED-lit chandeliers made from structural steel and ‘medallions’ recycled from bike sprockets. Designed by artists Joe O’Connell and Blessing Hancock, the chandeliers are currently installed, and lit by night, beneath an overpass in San Antonio, Texas. The artists say:

 The medallions are a play on the iconography of La Loteria, which has become a touchstone of Hispanic culture. Utilizing traditional tropes like La Escalera (the Ladder), La Rosa (the Rose), and La Sandía (the Watermelon), the piece alludes to the neighborhood’s farming roots and horticultural achievements. Each character playfully rides a bike acting as a metaphor for the neighborhood’s environmental progress, its concurrent eco-restoration projects, and its developing cycling culture.