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A project by artist Reuben Wu in which drones and light painting are used to bring a hypnotic visual rhythm to rugged landscapes.

The project uses a stick of 200 LED lights programmed to shift colour and shape – the artist capturing the results in-camera and through a combination of stills, timelapse, and real-time footage.

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A mesmerising, undulating kinetic artwork by Scale Collective created for the Constellations Festival in Metz, northeast France.

A ring of forty eight 1.5m long light rods, 40cm apart, each connected to a single motorised mechanism controlled by a viewer interface that spins the rods to create synchronised patterns.

But you knew that.



‘Luxnoctis’ by visual artist Reuben Wu.

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A collaboration between light artist Christopher Bauder and musician Kangding Ray, SKALAR (named after a psychoevolutionary theory about human perception and emotion by American psychologist Robert Plutchik, but you knew that) is an art installation that uses its suspended structure and pulsing rhythms to create an immersive live concert.



A spectacular ‘lava flow’ descending from an abandoned building in the Catalonian town of Olot composed of 10,000 fortune teller origami polygons.

Lit from below and wreathed in fumes from smoke machines, the installation – created for the LLUÈRNIA festival of light and fire by David Oliva of SP25 Arquitectura and Anna Juncà of Atelier 4 –  takes its cue from the dormant volcanos that surround the town.


Long exposure photography by Daniel Mercadante on the beaches and forests of Connecticut and also Guatemala (pix 3,4) where he and his wife Katina invited local kids to choose the locations.

The trails (inspired in part by the Mario Kart pathways of his gaming youth) are created by the simple but effective method of Daniel running around trailing a lighting rig.