Anchored By OCD


4f03006ad3fe735a249c48763673d77831168a8a71f7cb0fff8303ec7bf8065e 57626b0d458faefeef1839a2b36b75041544ffc90ef68eea28ba7e2264c8ff41 5ee4a6d9d2eff02e075cea68c3660b2fAnchored – The culmination of UK sculptor Thomas Wrightman’s interpretation of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Sez he:

For my major project I wanted to create a campaign in the form of an installation for young people who suffer from OCD. A theme that became a prominent facet of my work was that of being lost at sea – drowning from obsession. The final graphic sculpture draws on this notion of being helpless against the elements, unable to regain control over the mental disorders. My sculpture Anchored, aims to do as my title suggests: providing a lifeline that helps OCD sufferers stopping the tide and disruption that is associated with the obsessions and anxiety related with the illness.

The acrylic waves themselves represent the episodes that occur during obsessive compupulsive disorder where they each have the title of a specific element of OCD which disrupts the boats journey. It also shows that the boat has become splinched and broken apart due to the battle with these anxious and troublesome periods. The bitmap typographic style chosen to again shows type being distressed and disrupted to again reflect this theme.

The use of the flies was to convey one of the most common forms of OCD, the fear of the spread of germs and contamination. Inside the hull of the boat shows a web of type to convey the hidden aspect of the illness where these worries usually remain secret.

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