Australia On $892 A Week


HurlingOnBondiINPHO_largeHow much?

People born in the Republic of Ireland have significantly higher incomes than their fellow Europeans in Australia, statistics show.

The [Australian] Irish Echo compared the income figures for 53 migrant communities. Only Zimbabweans earn more, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

People born in the Republic of Ireland have a median weekly income of $892.

The median weekly income for Australian-born workers is $597 per week, while the figure for “all overseas” born workers is $538.

Some 67,317 people born in the Republic of Ireland filled in a form on census night 2011, as did 22,594 people born in Northern Ireland.

New South Wales is home to the majority of Irish-born people living in Australia, according to the figures.


Irish among Australia’s best paid worker (The Irish Echo)

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