An Irish Way Of Death


101005a2It wasn’t all fun.

Sibling of Daedalus writes:

Following on from the post about the  funeral bouncy castle in Galway, this may be a continuation of the old Wake Games, very popular in the west, back in the day (1880s).

The games reflected the dark side of the Irish psyche, and included ‘The Slipper’ (smacking someone on the hand very hard with a wet piece of cord), ‘Getting a Trade’ (impersonating an employer abusing an apprentice) and ‘The Purchase of the Sheep’ (role-playing sheep having their wool pulled out by a prospective buyer). Then there was bachelor-shaming game, The Silly Old Man:



An early demonstration of Ireland’s refusal to let single people rest in peace.


Source The Funeral Customs of Ireland (pages 280-281)

Pic: National Library of Ireland

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