FionnannnYou may recall the row as big as a fight between Irish Independent political editor Fionnan Sheahan and Vincent Browne on TV3’s Tonight with Vincent Browne.

It continued backstage.

In the presence of his producer, Browne said to me: “As a result of your disruption to the programme tonight, I will do everything to ensure you never appear on here again.”
He raised his voice.
I raised mine.
He pointed a finger at me.
I pointed a finger at him.
He shouted at me.
I shouted at him.
He swore at me.
I swore at him.
Neither side can particularly claim any credit from the incident – I’m man enough to admit that.
The expletive-ridden conversation would definitely have generated quite a lot of YouTube hits if it had been recorded.
He walked off in a huff to his desk in the corner, repeatedly saying: “F*** off.”
My parting shot was to retort: “You can give it but you can’t f***ing take it, Vincent.”
After leaving the TV3 studios, I pulled the car in to ring Fiach Kelly [whose honour he was defending], who found the entire episode hilarious.
As I related the events of the night to him, I began writing down notes of the exchange with Browne, while it was still fresh in my mind, as I anticipated he would deny banning me from the show.

Fionnan Sheahan.

Like all bullies, Vincent Browne can give it out but he just can’t take it (


“[Sheahan] said [on air] I hated the Independent and was pro-Irish Times. This went on for a while. After the programme, I said I’d like to talk to him. I was going to say, ‘You cannot come out here and hijack the programme to raise issues not relevant to what we’re discussing.’
I started to say this to him when we went outside and he started shouting.
I said to him that obviously his participation in the programme had caused great stress and I would attempt to ensure there was going to be no repetition of this. He continued to shout at me and I told him what to do with himself. That was it.
“Then, he made a big thing that he was barred from the programme. He’s not barred. We are happy to have him on any time provided we’re satisfied he’s in a fit condition to take part.
“We’d need written affirmation to this effect from three psychiatrists and four obstetricians.”

Vincent Browne

Interview with Liam Fay in The Sunday Times (behind paywall)

Screengrabs: TV3

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