The Good Wife



Everything you needed to know about being a good Catholic wife in 1938 but were afraid to ask.

Your husband comes first in the house. His will should prevail. Therefore you belong to him more than to your parents (p. 23).

You are beginning a new life which you have entered through sacred doors. It was not a mere ceremony which took place before God’s altar. God’s hands were extended over you in blessing for the holy task which lies before you (p. 3)

And, in the context of the recent debate Ireland has had on abortion, here’s a section called ‘A Murderess’

When the mother’s life is endangered by the birth of the child, the life that is coming may not be destroyed. Even the doctor may not do this. He may do all that is possible to save the mother’s life except anything that would directly destroy the life of the child … Woe to the mother who is a murderess! (p. 26).

Good times.

‘Your Husband Comes First in the House’: a Catholic Guide for The Young Wife (Ciara Meehan)

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