G writes:

From someone who suffers from depression I find it impossible to explain how it feels. Only some very very close friends know and although I’m close to my family, which also carries some history of depression, I haven’t shared “my secret” with any of them.

I’m uplifted by the progress being made in acceptance or at least acknowledgment that depression can touch everyone. Although we’re still a long long way off removing the stigma attached to those of us who suffer, hence my reasons for keeping it to a small group of people I’m close to.

I have little doubt that my family and work colleagues would treat me differently if they knew, which isn’t a criticism of them, but merely an understanding that a great ignorance still exists. I can have Monday Blues like everyone else, which are just that, Monday Blues, but my fear is that my family and colleagues would automatically assume that because I’m feeling down I must be at the pit of despair.

So, because, I find it impossible to explain how it feels I wanted to send on these selection of cartoons which appeared on Buzzfeed that might help people understand.

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