No Dogs, No London Irish



Last night’s Channel 4 comedy ‘London Irish’.

James Jones writes:

Please post a thing about this bad thing being so bad and being on TV…


 Calling this London Irish instead of Sociopath Central is a little bit risky, then, because although these ghoulish characters might not be stereotypes, the episodes are bookended by the four friends sitting in a pub musing on what it means to be Irish: this week, Patrick argues that the Irish don’t binge-drink, even as a steaming Conor wets himself in the seat next to him.

…But the people of Ireland shouldn’t be worried about the programme reflecting on them negatively, because this transcends nationality; if anything, the entire human race might want to start distancing itself from London Irish.

Last Night’s TV (Mail Online)

The characters were four twentysomething friends — let’s call them Ditzy, Grumpy, Earnest and Thick — trying to organise a pub quiz to win a magnum of vodka. They’d do anything for vodka, you see. Those Irish boozers, aren’t they hilarious?
But there’s much more to racist Irish cliches than just incontinent alcoholism. They make bizarre leaps of logic, they have riotous religious hang-ups and uproarious sexual obsessions, they swear like how’s-your-father and the impish little rascals always know where to get drugs and guns.

London Irish review (Mail Online)


Pic: Channel 4

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