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This afternoon.

Channel 4 News writez:

Connor Reed, a British man who works at a school in Wuhan, explains how it felt to have the Covid-19 coronavirus, discusses what life is like after 40 days in lockdown and how he thinks people in the UK would cope in similar circumstances.

Channel 4 News

Last night: ‘Paul’ Has The Coronavirus

“I can’t get this balaclava on for love nor money”

‘Thick As’

A comedy short set in Belfast made for Channel 4’s ‘Comedy Blaps’.

Directed by Fergal Costello, produced by Luke Mason and starring Ian Beattie, Tracey Lynch, Chloe Hodgens, Tara Cush and Shane Todd.

Thick As (Comedy Blaps, Channel 4)

Channel 4 Comedy

Thanks Laura Gaynor

Last night.

Channel 4 broadcast an interview with a member of the “New IRA” who said any border infrastructure, as a consequence of Brexit, would be a “legitimate target for attack”.

The man spoke to Channel 4 News on condition that his identity would be disguised and his voice would not be recorded.

So his words were spoken by an actor for the recording – drawing a significant response from viewers about his accent.


New IRA says border infrastructure would be ‘legitimate target for attack’ (Channel 4)

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From top: Henry gets a Paul Hollywood handshake on the Great British Bake-Off last night on Channel 4; Vanessa Foran

It was the week of festival fashion; Steph got a Hollywood.

But ah Michael , you were a goner the moment Alice sat her showstopper in front of Paul and Prue.

And I think we all have to take a knee and show our respects to Alice here, me especially.

She came back from a last place in the Technical and suffered Achilles severing feedback for her Signature; they look homemade At Showstopper time that girl went back into the tent as The Walking Dead and came out like a Grimes.

There is no denying I had hopes for Michael – even touting him for the final here week in week out, now he might be bound for the Extra Slice, but he is the tenth member of a very special guild that’ll never have the likes of me; Bread Week Star Baker.

So, him and his Hollywood handshake will not be just another baker to leave the tent; he is – albeit for a programming technicality; the runner up GBBO Season 10.

Surely it’s Steph’s to lose now.

She was there in it for Star Baker again from the Signature, but in fairness Henry was entitled it. Their Festival Buns, although miles apart in terms of style, had the pair of them narrowed down straight away.

Steph’s Zesty Lemon Curd Cross Buns are set to Easy. Now I would dispute that as so much can go wrong within the different elements and especially when some of them involve enriched dough. But while I’m here I’ll point ye to her glaze for your own notes; (it might be handy to top off a tea brack or a fruit cake.)

Whereas Henry’s MummaBullar cool knot ones are set to Challenging; yet the biggest challenge there for me is the presence of honey.

We have no history or tradition of enriched dough or festival / celebration breads here in Ireland, but if I were to recommend any I would use Steph’s recipe and Henry’s tight roll and wrap around knot technique.

I’ll need to get better at trapping video from the telly, but as soon as I manage it I’ll get a demo pinged up for you. But don’t be waiting on it – don’t let me stop ye.

So, having said that, and with no apologies, I’m not going to bother myself (or ye) going into the other bakes last night. Like, even if they are deep fried, I still wouldn’t eat Ricotta Chocolate and Orange Ravioli , naw’ mind making one from scratch. As for a Sarawak, ah c’mon. Yeah, lovely idea, but so are Crème Eggs.

As we are now into the Quarter Finals, lets have a quick round-up before ye go back to Brexit and Budgets.

This final five are absolutely the best five left after last night, and I think I’ve finally figured out Dr Rosie.

She’s too ould’ for a young ‘wan.

Even though Shut Up Henry is the lad that wears a tie around the kitchen, isn’t Rosie a bit too frumpy? She’s professionally qualified and already in full practice like a veteran with thirty years clocked up, and an incredibly accomplished and confident baker, but does anyone else think she’s a bit too middle aged?

I know I’m being totally unfair and admittedly completely out of order here, but seriously Rosie, you’re still in your twenties girl so look and act like you’re in your twenties ffs, not like an empty nester in their 50s.

I’m just the opposite – an’ ould wan who thinks they are in their 20s, so a punchy begrudgery is a natural occurrence in my subconscious. In any case, good luck to Rosie, she absolutely deserves to be there.

We are after all at quarter-final stage now, so all our speculation, supposing and supporting has to be critical.

To me anyway, David is still the sort of bridesmaid there, but so was Sophie Faldo until the S8 final; just saying, I didn’t warm to her either btw. But for now at least, Steph’s still my odds on.

Pastry, the old reliable of the Bake Off is our quarter final.  So no matter who your favourite is, that’ll put manners on them all.

And honestly I’m glad we’re back to a traditional Bake-Off standardised test.

Over the last ten seasons I would have to agree there is a place for non-recurring themes, like Victorian Bakes, Gluten-Free Baking, Spice Week and even Danish Week.

But the last two episodes had a look that they were running out of ideas and that gimmickry was coming into the tent; and with respect, I think the producers have pushed that line as far as they can with Noel and Sandi’s little vignettes.

Imagine me putting a batter sausage flavoured bun burger in front of the Hollywood last night as an Irish Festival Signature.

See what I mean?

So even though pastry doesn’t suffer fools, and our favourites might be at risk; welcome to the quarter final everyone.

Same time, same place.

Pic: Channel 4

Sharon tweetz:

UK media scrambling to inform people who the DUPs are after never discussing Northern Irish politics…



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Update: Panti spoke with Matt Frei on Channel 4 News this evening.



Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 22.16.39

In a Channel 4 News exclusive, Cordelia Lynch spoke with the mother of the 7 year old child from Tallaght taken into care by Gardai this week.

When the child’s mother is asked if there is a problem with the way Irish people view Romas, she replies:

“No we don’t have a problem with them but they do. We don’t know why, we haven’t done anything. We haven’t done crimes but they just hate us. Just because we’re wearing dresses and we’re Roma people. We haven’t done anything bad.”

Second Roma child taken by Irish police for DNA test (Channel 4 News)

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Last night’s Channel 4 comedy ‘London Irish’.

James Jones writes:

Please post a thing about this bad thing being so bad and being on TV…


 Calling this London Irish instead of Sociopath Central is a little bit risky, then, because although these ghoulish characters might not be stereotypes, the episodes are bookended by the four friends sitting in a pub musing on what it means to be Irish: this week, Patrick argues that the Irish don’t binge-drink, even as a steaming Conor wets himself in the seat next to him.

…But the people of Ireland shouldn’t be worried about the programme reflecting on them negatively, because this transcends nationality; if anything, the entire human race might want to start distancing itself from London Irish.

Last Night’s TV (Mail Online)

The characters were four twentysomething friends — let’s call them Ditzy, Grumpy, Earnest and Thick — trying to organise a pub quiz to win a magnum of vodka. They’d do anything for vodka, you see. Those Irish boozers, aren’t they hilarious?
But there’s much more to racist Irish cliches than just incontinent alcoholism. They make bizarre leaps of logic, they have riotous religious hang-ups and uproarious sexual obsessions, they swear like how’s-your-father and the impish little rascals always know where to get drugs and guns.

London Irish review (Mail Online)


Pic: Channel 4



You may remember the pilot episode of Toast (above) from last year?

It returns to Channel 4 as a six-part series.

Co-written by Arthur Mathews and Matt Berry, guest stars will include Rufus Jones, Amanda Donohoe and Michael Ball.

Broadcast date TBA.

A host of famous faces in cast for C4’s Toast of London (Channel 4.com)

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