Karl’s iPhone App Of The Day: Hipster CEO


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Ger Kelly of Getchoo Creations has created a way for you to experience the roller coaster of startup life with his Hispter CEO app.

There’s now no need to trap yourself in your mother’s basement a cramped smelly office slaving  over your precious world changing idea when you can simulate the realisation that no one actually wants to use your idea (or if you’re really lucky the soaring delights of selling out the man in a billion dollar buyout and retiring to an island).

It also perfectly captures the douchebag brogrammer speak that infests the sector.


Ger has  given us four copies to give away to the fastest typers:


Hipster CEO is available now on the Apple App Store for €2.69.

Do you have an Irish app? Broadsheet@broadsheet.ie

As always, no favours, cuddles, or pints were given for this post.
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