This Year’s For Me And You


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From top: Thomas & Helen, John and Joe.

Further to Donal Moloney’s series on the homeless in Dublin.

Donal writes:

Thomas and Helen are both travellers. They met two weeks ago shortly after Thomas had been released from prison for being drunken & disorderly. Thomas says: “We just clicked”. . Thomas is 32 but says he feels “60”. He has 6 brothers and 5 sisters. He has been sleeping in the doorway [top] with Helen since his release 2 weeks ago. He has been homeless for 9 years. He expects to serve another short prison sentence in the near future on other charges of being drunken and disorderly. Helen is 25 and was made homeless more recently
Joe [above] is a heroin addict and homeless many years. He has been married twice and has a few kids. As a teenager he moved to New York and became a carpenter. He was a heavy drinker and consumed “3 bottles of whiskey a day”. He loves to read as does his mate John [middle] (20 yards down the street). It takes them “away from the day”.

Donal Moloney

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