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What replaced The Hamlet?

That is the question.


Dublin before The Tiger (David Jazay)

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Front Square revisited.

Newly-unearthed images by American photojournalist Harrison Forman Include this small trove of Trinity College Dublin campus photos from the late 1960s. Restrictions on its members becoming students were finally lifted by the Catholic Church. in 1970.


Name those jammers (at front, left to right), anyone?

Pics via University of Wisconsin

Previously: Gone For A Burton

Grand Jurys

Vintage Green Day



At sundown.

Photographer Ruth Medjber writes:

Each evening, I’ve been popping out with my camera at twilight.

I visit neighbours and friends (new and old) and capture their lives at home during this unique moment in time.

I’ll post the whole series soon, or you can watch them all in the short video (above).

The song over the video is by my lovely friend Pat and his band Hedge Schools

Ruth Medjbar

From top: Janelle Monae by Colm Kelly; Gary Numan by James Murray; Billie Eilish by Leah-Carroll

Free Thursday?

Music lovers will be excited to hear of the opening of a new exhibition in Dublin featuring the work of some of our best rock photographers.

Hindsight 2020 features both rare off-stage moments and live performances from International and local legends

From Thursday at 7pm, this decade-spanning collection of photographs representing the work of Colm Kelly, James Murray, Leah Carroll and Kieran Frost will be on display in Dublin’s newest venue, Bloody Mary’s, South William Street, Dublin 2.

Nick says: Shots to our heart.

Hindsight 2020

From top: Maiden Radio in East Side Tavern, Dublin 2; Nick Cave in Kilmainham, Dublin 8; Just Mustard at the All Together Now festival

Free this weekend?

Looking for a print?

The People’s Photography Exhibition takes place outside St Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2, this Saturday and Sunday.

The three excellent music-based live photos above form part of the collection of Joe Kelly who will be exhibiting them for sale over the weekend alongside dozens of other amateur photographers.

People’s Photography

Pics: Joe Kelly

Dena Shearer (left) with Paul, Catherine and Layla, of the Marino AFC Girls Soccer Academy, among the ‘Faces of Fairview

Free tomorrow?

The Faces of Fairview exhibition

At The Annesley House, North Strand Road, Dublin 3 at 6.30pm

South Africa-born, Dublin-based photographer Dena Shearer writes:

Come and enjoy an exhibition which celebrates a group of people that are a small representation of the incredible community that has been in the area of Fairview, Marino, North Strand and Ballybough for generations.

I will be showing 12 pieces from all walks of life that pay tribute to the warm sense of community that exists in the area and the kind-heartedness that the people living there have.

Entry is FREE!!

In fairviewness.

Faces of Fairview

Dena Shearer

Pic by Dena