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The ten category winners of the 2020 Bird Photographer of the Year competition.

[From top: “Electric” by Carlos Cifuentes Torres, (White Stork Ciconia ciconia. Seville, Spain);  “Fairy landing on Earth,” by Shu Qing, (Whooper Swan Cygnus cygnus. Sanmenxia, Henan, China); “A new beginning” by Swayamsiddha Mohapatra, (Indian Roller Coracias benghalensis. Kaziranga National Park, India); “Swifts over Iguazú Falls” by Francesco Filippo Pellegrini, (Great Dusky Swift Cypseloides senex. Iguazú Falls, Misiones, Argentina); “Hoopoe flight at low speed” by Gadi Shmila, (Common Hoopoe Upupa epops. Israel); “Perfect camouflage” by Moshe Cohen, (Eurasian Scops-owl Otus scops. Kibbutz Hatzor, Israel); “Ropewalker” by Nicolas Reusens, (Sword-billed Hummingbird Ensifera ensifera. Papallacta, Ecuador);  “Feeding frenzy” by  Greg Lecoeur, (Cape Gannet Morus capensis. Port St Johns, South Africa); “On the attack!” by Georgina Steytler, (Great Crested Grebe Podiceps cristatus. Perth, Western Australia). and “End of the day” by Majed AlZa’abi, (European Shag Gulosus aristotelis. Vardø, Norway).]

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What replaced The Hamlet?

That is the question.


Dublin before The Tiger (David Jazay)

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Front Square revisited.

Newly-unearthed images by American photojournalist Harrison Forman Include this small trove of Trinity College Dublin campus photos from the late 1960s. Restrictions on its members becoming students were finally lifted by the Catholic Church. in 1970.


Name those jammers (at front, left to right), anyone?

Pics via University of Wisconsin

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Grand Jurys

Vintage Green Day



At sundown.

Photographer Ruth Medjber writes:

Each evening, I’ve been popping out with my camera at twilight.

I visit neighbours and friends (new and old) and capture their lives at home during this unique moment in time.

I’ll post the whole series soon, or you can watch them all in the short video (above).

The song over the video is by my lovely friend Pat and his band Hedge Schools

Ruth Medjbar