Who REALLY Fought In 1916?



Did your kindly great grandfather/mother claim to be in the GPO?

Now you can unmask him/her as a LIAR and a FRAUD!

The Irish Military Archives have released a tranche of REAL veterans with recognised 1916 or Civil War service and their positions.

The spoofing stops here.

Anon writes:

Phase 1 of the Military Pensions Collection  includes details of 3,200 individual pension applicants, including 2,400 recipients of pensions in respect of the 1916 Easter Rising and supporting files such as Membership Rolls for July 1921 & 1922 of the 16 Divisions of the IRA, Cumann na MBan and Na Fianna Eireann, and the Brigade Activities files relating to 1916. There’s also a cool map of 1916 action sites here.

Not so ‘great’ now, Great Grandda/ma.

Family FIGHT!

Military Service Pensions Collection (MilitaryArcives.ie)


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