Frank’s A Million



[Top: the audience at the premiere of Frank at Sundance and , above, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Lenny Abrahamson and Scoot McNairy meet the press]

‘Frank’, the much-anticipated film from Lenny Abrahamson had its premiere at Sundance on Friday night.

How did that go?

“A faceless Michael Fassbender stars in this weird and wonderful musical comedy from director Lenny Abrahamson.” “…amid so much arch weirdness, “Frank” proves remarkably accessible. Behind its inscrutable exterior beams a welcoming smile.” – Variety

“Pleasingly and perhaps surprisingly, given the extremities of the material, the cast plays crazy with cool, measured aplomb.” “Even those unmoved by the film’s admittedly oblique emotional subtext, meanwhile, should appreciate it as a virtuoso showcase for Fassbender, exuding eerie frontman magnetism even with his face invisible for the bulk of the film.” – Hitfix

“The bizarrely brilliant “Frank” demonstrates that quirkiness need not be a four-letter word in the language of movies. It certainly won’t be for everyone, but this terrific and sublime experience, and strikingly original film, is mandatory watching for the adventurous viewer.” – Indiewire

“Frank”s biggest achievement is how it effortlessly slides from silliness to sympathy. Come for Fassbender wearing a goofy head and all of the extremely funny jokes, stay for the profound reflection on art, commerce, madness and companionship. This is, I feel, a very meaningful film, but it also has a good beat. 9/10” – Screencrush

“Indeed, the movie’s weightiest issue is the final tonal shift into more directly messaged, darkly dramatic waters. Thankfully, even if the shift immediately jars, Frank’s cast – both with and without giant head – rise to the challenge. Guaranteed to polarise, Frank is destined to go down in curio history.” – TotalFilm

Pic: Film4Insider

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