Do You Like Rugby? Do You Like Sausages?



Behold: The Exchequer’s 6 Nations Sausage (top).

Created by chef Lee Doyle at the Exchequer, Exchequer Street, Dublin, (above) the damn hipster gastropub co-owned by rugby beard god Gordon D’Arcy.

The sausage captures the flavours of the six competing countries in the Six Nations rugby championship combining Irish Whiskey, Scottish Barley, English mustard, Welsh leeks, French garlic and Italian sun dried tomatoes.

The multi-cultural pork spiral is served up with a side of mash and vegetables, priced €12, or ‘enjoyed with a pint’ for an ‘all in’ deal of €15.

Gordon and Lee have offered One Broadsheet reader and FIVE of his/her friends a chance to sample the sausages for FREE with the strong possibility of a few mugs of hooch thrown in.

To enter, They want YOU to create a Six Nations cocktail using ingredients (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) from Ireland, England, Scotland Wales, France and Italy.

And complete this sentence:

My Six Nations cocktail will consist of____________________________

Lines close at 1.45pm 2.45pm 4.45pm.

The Exchequer

The Exchequer (Facebook)

Thanks Sinead

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