“He’ll Go After You”



In the Dáil yesterday, during the second stage of the Protected Disclosures Bill 2012, Independent TD Mick Wallace read into record sections from a transcript between Garda whistleblower Sgt Maurice McCabe and the Garda Confidential Recipient, Oliver Connolly.

The conversation between Sgt McCabe and Mr Connolly took place two years ago.

Mick Wallace: “It is frightening. Just to read two lines from it: ‘I tell you something, Maurice, and this is just personal advice to you, if [Justice Minister Alan] Shatter thinks you’re screwing him, you’re finished.’ Another line: ‘If Shatter thinks – ‘here’s this guy again, trying another route, trying to put pressure’ – he’ll go after you’. He’ll go after you? Our Minister for Justice? What is going on?”

Meanwhile, Sgt McCabe’s request to obtain a transcript of his private meeting with the Public Accounts Committee last week was discussed at a meeting of the PAC this morning.

And Daniel McConnell tweetz (read from bottom up):


Garda whistleblower wants copy of private penalty points testimony, but PAC unlikely to give it to him (Independent.ie)

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