The GAA Team With No Irish Players


southall-sham-n[Brendan Doherty with sudents from Feartherstone High School, Southall, London]

The Southall Shamrocks.

Made up of FOREIGNERS.

Southall Shamrocks was established after Irish geography teacher Brendan Doherty ran several football sessions last summer as part of National Sports Week at Featherstone High School in West London, where almost 99 per cent of its 1,500 pupils are from an ethnic minority. Now, the team are braving the cold winter evenings twice a week as they train ahead of their three-day tour of Ireland’s GAA hotspots during the school’s half-term break.

Is this a first for the illuminati GAA anyone?

Meet the all Asian, Somali and Pakistani London GAA team (Nemesha Balasundaram, Irish Post)

Picture: Malcolm McNally

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