Who Would Ever Go Near The System Again?



[Taoiseach Enda Kenny and Fianna Fail leader Michael Martin in the dail earlier]

Prior to the announcement of the removal of Garda recipient Oliver Connolly.

“What happened here Taoiseach is fundamentally wrong. What Garda whistleblower in their right mind would ever go near the system again given the treatment that has been meted out to this man [Maurice McCabe]?

“It is absoloutely scandalous Taoiseach what has occured here. And it’s not just about penalty points. It is about other serious issues that would make your hair stand on your back or whatever the phrase is.

“Shocking revelations of incompetence which ultimately lead to people being murdered as a result of a failure to act. Very serious stuff which [the Department of] justice has and had for quite long time but has not acted [on].”

Michael Martin, today.

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