Anything Good In The Property Section?


it property[Today’s irish Times]

Randall writes:

I was just reading the usual gushing ‘cut and paste’ from the estate agents brochure in the Irish Times about a multi million euro house in Blackrock [Co Dublin].
They failed to mention that what they describe the house as ‘not overlooked; in front is the pitch and putt grounds of the St John of God’s Hospital’. This area is ear marked for a future Halting Site for Traveller Accomodation. Surely instead of stoking another bubble they could have taken a quick look at the council development plan to show what your millions will actually buy…


Should they have mentioned the halting site?

YOU decide.

Three Big Reasons To Move To Blackrock (irish Times)

Council passes proposal to build Traveller sites (Irish Times, January 14)

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