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For the weekend that’s in it.

Saturday, 19 February, 1983.

Ireland led by original captain fantastic, Ciaran Fitzgerald, dragged his men back into a game they trailed. Despite missing six of his 11 kicks, Ollie Campbell was in otherwise sparkling form, Trevor Ringland ripped the leather pill from Patric Esteve on the line while Moss Finn did more than most with two tries to seal Ireland’s first win over the cheese eating surrender monkeys French in eight years.

Speaking to Niall Kiely (Irish Times) a belligerent Dubliner said:

“You know the difference between a culchie and a frog?..

It was 4:10 p.m. on Saturday, France were leading Ireland 16-15 and his fellow-jackeen, Oliver Homer Campbell, had nodded, missing five goal-kicks. least the French go home.”

Meanwhile, in the crowd that day..Inspector Clouseau


Bon times.

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Images: Irish Times Archive and Ebay