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Übergeek Tom Murphy took all the lines spoken in English in Star Wars: A New Hope and divided them up into 11,684 single-word clips.

He then alphabetised all 11,684 and cut them into a 48 minute edit of the film, appropriately called ARST ARSW. It opens with all 201 instances of the word ‘a’ and concludes with the single use of the word ‘zone’.

Tom adds the following ‘fun facts’:

The word “lightsaber” only appears once in this film.
There are 43m5s of spoken English, 81m39s of other.
The most common word is “the”, of course, said 368 times.
The word with most screen time is “you”, at 52.56 seconds.
There are 1695 different words, and 11684 total words.
The longest words are “responsibility,” “malfunctioning”, “worshipfulness”, and “identification”, all 14 letters.

Sir, the internet is not worthy.

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