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Donie O’Sullivan, of Storyful, writes:

“Today, Storyful, in partnership with the Open State Foundation, is delighted to announce Politwoops for the Irish elections. Politwoops records, stores, and publishes tweets deleted by candidates. The tool has been used effectively in the United States and countries across the world to increase transparency and accountability. We hope it will serve the same purpose in Ireland.”

Check out Politwoops here.

Thanks Donie


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The entirety of The Wizard Of Oz (1939)  (that is to say, every word and non verbal utterance plus opening titles) re-edited into alphabetised form by Matt Busey.

A work of such pointless brilliance that one Vimeo commenter ventures:

Anyone Floyd has Pink sychned this up with yet?

The ‘dead’ sequence, starting around 19:40, is especially good.