Virtually Ulysses



‘In Ulysses’.

This time there’s no escape.

“…As a user of “In Ulysses” [By Eoghan Kidney] walks along a virtual Sandymount Strand, the book will be read to them – they will hear Stephen’s thoughts as they are written – but these thoughts will then be illustrated around the user in real-time using textual annotations, images and links. A user can stop walking (therefore stopping Stephen walking) and explore these illustrations, gaining insight into the book and adding to the enjoyment of it.
A fun experience, a next-gen E-Book and an educational tool exploring the meanings hidden within the language of James Joyce’s masterpiece – “In Ulysses” will be a new way of reading Joyce’s work…”


Scrotum-tightening but needing some funding (link below).

In Ulysses (FundIt)