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Sweny’s, the chemist featured in Joyce’s Ulysses; proprietor PJ Murphy (right). Rent on the property has doubled recently

Sweny’s Pharmacy, Lincoln Place, Dublin 2

Kenji writes:

As you might already know, the interior of Sweny’s is 172 years old and preserved very well. That’s PJ (centre) greeting a visitor. The counter there is the very same as from James Joyce’s time. Nora and James would have walked on the same floorboard and touched the same furniture.

Last year, the landlord doubled our rent, probably in an attempt to sell the building at a premium. It was either his way or the highway, so we had to sign that new lease, but that left us with the problem of how to raise the €1,500 per month that is needed to keep our tenancy.

At the moment, we are paying the difference from our savings, but this is running dry pretty fast. After exploring different options, what is working well so far is our online fundraiser page (see below). Thank you.

Sweny’s Pharmacy (Patreon)

Thanks Emma

Free next Monday, October 22?

The world premiere of a new stage adaptation of A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man takes place at Cork’s Everyman Theatre (until October 24).

The Everyman writes:

Rough Magic will present James Joyce’s first novel in Arthur Riordan’s vibrant new stage adaptation brought to life by a dynamic, new, creative ensemble of actors and designers under Ronan Phelan’s direction.

Rough Magic’s ensemble cast will take us on a thrilling theatrical odyssey around Ireland from Galway to Waterford and from Letterkenny to Tralee, towards the liberation of the soul and its rejection of faith and fatherland.

The central role of Stephen Dedalus will be played by multiple members of the ensemble, both male and female.

Tickets here

Pic: Ste Mrray

Poetry Brothel Dublin tweets:

Join the Poetry Brothel this Bloomsday eve for Midnight Mass in the bowels of a former eighteenth-century church. Traverse the guilty and shameful pleasures of Joyce’s mind to find solace and liberation in the sensuality of the arts.

Steady on.

 & he Church Bar & Restaurant, Mary Street, Dublin 1, 

Book tickets here.

This morning.

North Great George’s Street, Dublin 1

James Joyce played by actor John Shelvin celebrates the annual Bloomsday Breakfast at the James Joyce Center marking June 16, 1904 the day in which the events of Ulysses take place.

Sam Boal/Rollingnews


The Bloomsday Messenger bike rally gets underway this morning.


This morning.

Sandymount Green, Sandymount, Dublin 4

Telly’s Bryan Dobson with James Joyce lookalike Paul Kennedy and Graham Wilkinson (in formal attire) at the launch of the 23rd annual Brennan’s Bloomsday James Joyce Bike Rally.

The rally has  raised over €873,00 for the Irish Youth Foundation community and voluntary groups through the country

In fairness..

Brennan’s Bloomsday Messenger Rally (Brennan’s)



Like Joyce?

Enjoy tenor singing?

Free Wednesday?

Tina writes:

 ‘Shem The Penman Sings Again’ [starring Frank Prendergast, Louis Lovett and Hugh O’Conor] screens at The IFI Dublin [Temple Bar] this Wednesday, January 13 followed by Triskel Christchurch Cinema, Cork, on Thursday, January 14 as well as Galway and Belfast thereafter, marking the 75th anniversary of the passing of James Joyce. Shem The Penman Sings Again tells the story of Joyce’s friendship with tenor Count John McCormack, is the début feature film by Cork-born director Pádraig Trehy who will introduce the film and partake in Q&A session on the night in both Dublin and Cork.

Shem The Penman Sings Again – screenings

Shem The Penman Sings Again (Facebook)

Thanks Dan


Scenes from the Naming and Commissioning Ceremonies of the Naval Service Vessel LE James Joyce at the Carlisle Pier, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin yesterday.

Includes robots.

Via Popular Science:

L.E James Joyce is an “offshore patrol vessel.” These ships surveil the exclusive economic zone off Ireland’s coasts, extending toward Great Britain in the East and into the Atlantic in the west. It covers over 158,000 square miles in area. To cover all that territory, Joyce will fly drones. Which drones exactly haven’t been specified, but there are a few possibilities.

In 2013 the Irish Naval Service ran a practice exercise using Israeli-made Orbiter drones, the same ones Israel’s navy has launched from the decks of ships. The naval version of the Orbiter requires a small catapult on deck to launch it. SkyTec Ireland may also be developing a drone for the Irish fleet to use. Besides the drones in the sky, Joyce will also launch and control small robot submarines.

Ireland’s James Joyce Will Control Flying Rpbots (PopularScience)

(Sam Boal/RollingNews.ie)



Tuesday, June 16

The Useful infographic.

Ciaran writes:

Information designer Aimée Stewart designed this infographic to help make Ulysses more accessible for the annual Bloomsday pub crawls pilgrimage.

Aimeé overlaid an animated narrative onto a map of the city as described in the novel. 18 chapters, colour coded, beginning at Martello Tower [Sandycove, Co Dublin]. Or skip straight to Davy Byrne’s [Duke Street, Dublin] for a glass of burgundy and a gorgonzola sandwich….

Larger swanky version here

Aimeé Stewart