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Originally released in 2010, VVVVVV from Terry Cavanagh is a classic of the simple play, fiendishly difficult to master genre.

This month saw the release of the game on both iOS and Android

The core conceit of the game is rather than being able to jump, you can flip the direction of gravity. And with that ability, you need to navigate through a space station and find the other members of your ‘crew’.

There’s a great sense of achievement when you manage to navigate past a set of spikes and aliens by deftly switching literally what way is up.

If you want to have a go without downloading anything, there’s an onliine demo here.

The game is available now on the Apple App Store for €2.69, on the Google Play Store for €2.45 and is currently at half price on Steam for Windows and Mac at €2.49.

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