Who Kills Racing Pigeons?


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Sometime between last Friday 10:30pm and 4am Saturday morning 23 racing pigeons at a pigeon fancier’s house in Clontarf, Co Dublin were killed.

Via Clontarf.ie:

“In the 50 years this individual had been keeping pigeons, not one complaint was ever filed against them regarding the birds.
The individual in question insists that there is no animosity between Clontarf pigeon fanciers. The individual in question has not even been racing often in recent years. The sport is not highly competitive.
What occurred last weekend was a random act of violence. The perpetrator did not damage any property or steal anything from the house – they just killed the pigeons. This is an incredibly threatening act that has shaken the individual in question and made them worry for their personal safety….”

Appeal For Help After Racing Pigeons Are Killed In Clontarf (Clontarf.ie)

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