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The house in Manor Street, Stoneybatter, Dublin 7 today (top) and in 2018 (above)

This afternoon.

Via The Irish Times:

William Garnermann has been prosecuted by the council and appeared at Dublin District Court on Tuesday when he took a hearing date.

He is accused of causing a nuisance by feeding feral pigeons at his home and its environs, on Manor Street, in Stoneybatter, Dublin 7. It is also alleged by feeding the wild birds he is encouraging the keeping of them at his home address.

He is being prosecuted under the Local Government (Sanitary Services) Acts and was summonsed to court by the council.

Man faces trial over nuisance pigeons in Stoneybatter (Irish Times)

Second pic: Emily O’Callaghan


‘Pigeons of Discontent’.

Dublin 7 Vs flying rodents pigeons!

By Paddy Cahill, who writes:

Taking inspiration from an article by Cónal Thomas in the always excellent Dublin Inquirer, I made a short documentary about the seemingly contentious Pigeons of Stoneybatter…

It looks at the local Pigeon population while we hear some impassioned opinions from some of the neighbourhoods residents….