Ebola Death Toll: 603


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A health worker with Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders puts on protective gear at an Ebola isolation ward inside the Donka Hospital in Conakry, Guinea

The death toll from an Ebola outbreak in West Africa has spiked to 603 since February, with at least 68 deaths reported in the last week alone, the World Health Organisation said on Tuesday.

Sierra Leone recorded the highest number of deaths, which include confirmed, probable and suspect cases of Ebola, with 52. Liberia reported 13 and Guinea 3, according to the WHO figures for July 8-12.

WHO said there were 85 new cases, highlighting continued high levels of transmission, especially in Liberia and Sierra Leone, despite local and international efforts to halt the disease.

Death toll from West Africa Ebola outbreak jumps to 603 – WHO (Reuters, Africa)

Pic: AFP Africa

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32 thoughts on “Ebola Death Toll: 603

  1. Spartacus

    Been following this for several weeks now. It’s showing worrying signs of getting out of control.

    1. Mark Dennehy

      It’s a bit worrying that it hasn’t burnt itself out the way all the previous outbreaks have. If it can spread that far, you’re one airline ride away from a very bad day altogether…

    2. TK Ickle

      So has my better half. We are all domed, apparently.

      I think I will buy that second set of Mavic Ksyrium Elites. Money is no good to “probable” dead people.

      1. DominoDub

        Go on then …why not all out the on a set of Lightweight Meilenstein Carbon Clinchers you may even get some change out of €4000.00 for something for your better half.

        1. TK Ickle

          Sadly I’m not that rich. Plus they’d look stupid on my bike.
          I pulled the trigger on them anyways. 399 was to good an offer to pass tbh, considering I may have fupped my front one over the weekend :(

          I bought dinner last night so everyone’s a winner!

          1. DominoDub

            HA HA my very own internet stalker !

            I think i have my own case of EBOLA = European Bike Objects Look Amazing

            So the she will be wearing the Italian kit !

          2. TK ickle

            @dom. Not stalking! Purely coincidentally. Either way you’re getting a savage bike for the money the bike. Have an older version myself. Enjoy!

      2. jeremy kyle

        I watched a vice documentary about it a while back (yeah, I know), but it was scary that a lot of people just didn’t believe ebola even existed.

    3. Gitfiddle_pikker

      It IS out of control and it has been (since it began in February). In the beginning it was 10 deaths per month and now it is ten per day in six more months it will be 100 per day and then 1000 per day. When it spreads to other places it will spread in just the same way. There is no reason for it to stop spreading so there is only one way for it to go (bigger and bigger) .. until it runs out of people (and it has all the time in the world)

      1. Mark Dennehy

        It has a reason to stop spreading – a 90% mortality rate and a short incubation period. We’ve never seen an outbreak this large because before now it killed everyone who got it before they could spread it very far.

        1. Tom Stewart

          It is the Zaire strain that has a mortality rate of 90%. There are other strains now too which have lower rates.

          You’re right – normally it stops spreading, but evidently that isn’t the case this time.

    1. Spartacus

      Given the highly infectious nature of this strain, and the very high mortality rate, you had better hope you’re wrong about that.

  2. eatme

    ebola who’s bleeding he? did you not hear the garth brooks concerts were cancelled? priorities people!

  3. Nikkeboentje

    Conspiracy Theory Alert – There’s a little part of me that can’t shake off the feeling that Ebola is a man-made creation, probably from some US military laboratory.

    1. kurtz

      There are theories that it’s been around for centuries, and was responsible for a plague in Athens in ancient Greece.

    2. Matthew

      Yes, let’s spend billions developing a top-end biowarfare agent, then alert all our enemies to its existence by continuously releasing it in small African villages of no military or economic significance. That’ll give everyone plenty of time to develop a vaccine before we try to deploy it!

  4. phil

    Ive just setup a parma company, you should all buy my brand of anti-viral water … Maybe the Gov should buy wharehouses of it

  5. Kieran NYC

    The bejeezus is well and truly scared out of me. Has been ever since I read ‘The Hot Zone’ as a teenager.

    They’re just going to have to try and completely isolate the area. And cross fingers.

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