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Today saw the return home after four months deployment to Sierra Leone of a five-strong Irish Defence Forces medical team helping fight the spread of Ebola.

The homecoming was witnessed by Random Irish Photos.

Randomer writes:

Each of them men were screened five times and they are to be screened a sixth time not that they are back on home soil.They were screened before leaving their base in Sierra Leon, then at Sierra Leon Airport, then they were screened again when they were travelling through Morocco and they were screened twice in the UK before returning to the Casement Aerodrome earlier today.

Of their time in Sierra Leone, Captain Eugene O’Connor said:

‘We were all spread out all over the country, so we all have different experiences. Obviously there is a degree of poverty there and a degree of fear with the virus But that was something that was on our minds all the time.

‘When we arrived in country, there was a spike in cases And there was always a concern that it was going to spiral out of control.We were pressed into immediate areas of hot spots quite quickly. Between all the agencies, they managed to get a hold and stymie the outbreak at that stage. So within about a month, cases began to level off and so they are almost at zero but it’s a bumpy road. It never just goes 360 cases to zero.’

Captain O’Connor was met his mother Mary, sister Tracey and Gillian, his niece Milla Banerjee, nephew Ben Banerjee, and his Italian girlfriend, Miranda Pio. Also travelling with Cpt O’Connor were Sgt David Sliney, Cpls Frank Noonan and Pierce Foley and trooper Richard Fitzgerald.

Random Irish Photos


Niall James writes:

This is my buddy, James Nunan, from Blackrock, who’s been volunteering with King’s College Hospital in London to help with the ebola crisis. This is a video of him outside a hospital in Sierra Leone. It’s pretty interesting/worrying…particularly the reality of the hospital screening tent. I asked what happens in the screening tent. He said, “They just die in the tent. They just get water and that’s it. If they get in the isolation unit they get drugs and a bed.”

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This afternoon.

A drill to check the National Isolation Unit’s ability to needlessly scare the public response to a possible Ebola infection case.

During the excercise streets around the Mater Hospital were cordoned off including Berkley Road,  (above).

Good of the RNLI to help out in fairness.

(Eamonn Farrell/Photocall Ireland)

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Berkeley Road, Dublin 7.

Ludicrous and unnecessarily scary Dramatic Scenes following the transport of a woman from her home in Tyrrelstown, Dublin to the Mater Hospital with symptoms apparently consistent with ebola.

Leon writes:

“Gardai and ambulance crews shut down Berkeley Road in a suspected Ebola case. The HSE has since confirmed the lady was tested for the deadly virus, though was given the all-clear. Witnesses reported that ambulance crew, and other staff wore protective gear throughout the investigation. Large areas surrounding the hospital were shut-down in accordance with procedures outlined by Health Minister…”

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(Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland)


Top: Chief Medical Officer Tony Holohan arriving at Leinster House this morning.

No reason to believe hospitals will be swamped by Ebola patients – Varadkar (RTE)

(Sam Boal/Photocall ireland) Cartoon: Alan O’Regan


Senator Ronan Mullen has called on the Health Minister to appear before the Seanad next week.

He has “serious concerns about deficiencies in HSE guidance and protocols” and wants HSE staff to be able to wear personal protective equipment and be fully trained in the treatment of Ebola.

He also said “it is the Government’s responsibility to assure the public that all necessary steps are being taken“. He highlighted the contrast in measures at British airports and at Irish ones.

Sure it’s only a bunch of cells.

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