A Limerick A Day For Two Years


johnm1beard 2-2

John Moynes, July 16, 2012 (top) and today (above).

I’ve churned this crap out for two years,
To the sound of the commenters’ cheers,
Turning topical tales,
Into lyrical wails,
That are judged by anonymous peers.

John Moynes


Tributes welcome below.

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51 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day For Two Years

  1. fluffybiscuits

    Ma told me to be wary of someone with a beard
    They are always someone to be feared
    Blokes with beard always seem to embarass
    From James Reilly to Rolf Harris
    Thus I find it extremely weird….

  2. andyourpointiswhatexactly

    I do not think the word cheers means what you think it means.
    Nonetheless, congrats on your prodigious output, beardy man.

  3. Ferret McGruber

    You have amused us through the years,
    And sustained us through our tears,
    It must take some time
    To make rhymes so sublime,
    You make it look easy when it really not at all easy. Oh no it’s not.

  4. bruce01

    About J. Moynes I don’t really care,
    The who, or the why, or the where,
    The stuff he may write,
    Is best compared to …,
    Not to mention his … facial hair.

  5. Scooperman

    In the way only we Irish can,
    We’ll pat the back of the man,
    Who drove us near mad
    With this dodgey charade
    And declare as his biggest fan

  6. jungleman

    You’ve churned this crap out for two years,
    To the sound of the commenters’ jeers,
    Turning topical tales,
    Into lyrical fails,
    That are judged by anonymous peers.

  7. John Nisbet

    Young John is a man with a mission
    To conceive a daily composition
    Thoughout this pursuit
    He has grown quiet hirsute
    And established a lyric tradition

  8. Llareggub

    With a penchant for wearing two shirts
    He is keen to dig up some dirt
    On Magdelene laundries
    Politicians in quandaries
    But some comments can leave him butthurt

  9. fluffybiscuits

    The Broadsheet allows me to skive
    At least from 9-5 to five
    With odd news on tap
    And Limericks that amount to crap
    You could drive a person to read Alive!

  10. Clampers Outside!

    You’ve churned this crap out for two years,
    To the sound of some commenters’ jeers,
    From new liberals to old Coptics,
    Each to their optics,
    To the FIGHT! …say BS administers!

    Fair play John !

  11. scottser

    john, you have the beard of a long-term single man, which isn’t surprising if you tell the ladies (or gents) that you’ve been employed making up limericks for the past 3 years.

  12. WhoAreYa

    I can’t write for shite
    But I know what I like
    Commenters bikes
    And colourful dykes
    Get more likes

  13. Jack

    News stories both grand and pathetic
    Summarised in a manner poetic
    By a whimsical bard
    Who’s a stranger to lard
    And a master of witty phonetic

  14. Blimpler

    The tributes to Moynes said ‘well played’
    After years of poems not often staid
    But the truth is, you see
    That he’s working for free
    Cough up Ryan, the man should get paid

  15. Fuzzy Duck

    By definition, a Limerick is witty;
    An amusing, short little ditty.
    But to our lament
    After 730 attempts
    Moynes efforts get more and more $hitty…

  16. mauriac

    there once was a man named moynes
    who lived in a tent outside foynes
    everyday he did pray
    for something funny to say
    or broadsheet would jump on his loins

  17. DaveM

    Just look at Moynes up on the net,
    with a head you cant fail to forget,
    and a dodgy auld beard,
    that looks feckin’ weird,
    somebody should call him a vet.

    ‘Gwan,ya good thing ya….

  18. Kath

    Poor John gets a whole load of stick
    For writing the odd limerick
    He’s been at it three years
    Through cheers, jeers & tears
    Hats off to ‘im, its no easy trick

  19. dylad

    John entered the fray with a limerick a day.
    with a head like a shaving brush.
    But is his mop blonde or grey?
    I really can’t say
    from the picture
    he has

  20. LiamZero

    It looks like it’s just as I feared
    We truly have now reached peak beard
    What John Moynes has grown
    Makes me ponder my own
    Though maybe it’s just his is weird

    1. LiamZero

      Ah crap, didn’t see FluffyBiscuits’ one above. Now I just look like a hairy-faced plagiarist.

      Back in me box.

  21. Sam

    One must admit Moynes is persistent
    A Limerick A Day is resistant
    to critics who crow,
    As all here should know
    The trick is in being consistent

    To put out a volume of work
    And to infuse a topical quirk
    It’s not just prolific
    It’s downright horrific
    It would drive lesser folk quite beserk!

  22. DaveM

    He was born on a cold frosty night,
    and his mammy recoiled at the sight,
    Now his crimes against fashion,
    could earn him a thrashin’,
    so he never comes out when its bright.

  23. diabhal

    Do away with that god-awful beard,
    It just makes you look fuckin weird.
    Did you not hear it leaked
    That face-hair has peaked,
    And shaving’s back in, I’m afeared.

  24. sickofallthisbs

    I am surprised this Limerick came out on topic as opposed to three days later.

    I congratulate him on managing to convince people that his outputs are worthy of publication (even on an online/low standard format) for two years. Now THAT’S impressive.

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