Senator Ned O’Sullivan (Fianna Fáil) raised the issue of seagulls this morning in the chamber.

Well I have nothing against pigeons. I can take or leave pigeons but I’m very much against seagulls. And eh I think something needs to be done here to address the seagull problem in this city. People may have been listening to Joe Duffy about it there last week. It seems the seagulls have lost the run of themselves completely. I know the apartment block I live in it’s impossible to get a night’s sleep.

They’re very raucous. They’re keeping people awake. I saw that they’re getting so cheeky now that they attack young children and dispossess them of their lollipops and stuff like that. It might be funny to many people but it’s a serious issue in the city. They’re not seagulls, they really are vermin. They’re scavenger gulls, dump gulls….

..So I’m saying the Minister for the Environment should look at that in a serious manner. It might be funny but if you listen to the details on the radio show you’ll learn that it’s anything but.

Dry your eyes Senator.

Ná bí ag gol.


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45 thoughts on “Mean Gulls

    1. rmc

      Yeah, I’d have to imagine all the people making fun of this haven’t had to live in a city near the ocean. Noisy/Vicious Bastards and they do appear to be getting more brazen.

      National government probably isn;t the place to be discussing it though.

  1. f-mong

    Sure isn’t it a grand little country we live in that this is the only thing worth complaining about by Senators, a grand little country altogether, to be sure, to be sure…

  2. Fence

    Ah, hold on now.. Sure isn’t he supporting the right folk:

    Just had to return a spoon to a child when a seagull stole his yoghurt + spoon #stives seriously. Kill the winged rats.— Katie Hopkins (@KTHopkins) July 15, 2014

  3. seany_delight

    Seems frivolous, yet last summer I was at wits end with seagull chicks nesting on the roof of the apartment block. I actually contacted the Irish Hawking Club to see if they were interested in scaring them away. Alas they are not allowed to release their birds in dense area’s.

    We though we had got away with it this year, however last week the chicks must have hatched. Hardly a wink since.

    Though I am yet to see them take candy from a baby.

  4. Optimus Grime

    Did you know packs of wild dogs are controlling large parts of major American cities? How long till they arrive here?

  5. max

    i for one am glad we voted to keep the sennad otherwise who would take care of the ice scream van driving sea gulls.

  6. droid

    Large colonies are actually quite a serious problem in some cities. Theyve taken to covering entire schools with netting to protect children in some parts of the UK.

  7. orla

    I was attacked by gulls in a friends place last year. And they also nested on our chimney, squaking at all hours down it. I’d gladly take a pellet gun to the feckin’ feckers.

    1. scottser

      ..and the army sittin round scratchin their holes. be good shootin practice for them, if notn else.

  8. Llareggub

    “People may have been listening to Joe Duffy about it there last week. It seems the seagulls have lost the run of themselves completely. I know the apartment block I live in it’s impossible to get a night’s sleep.”

    Joe Duffy, really is the true legislator of Ireland. Everything else is just blarney.

  9. Davey T

    First they came for the Ice cream men, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not an Ice Cream man
    Then they came for the Outdoor food markets, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Market vendor.
    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me

  10. Dave

    You can’t eve take the childer’ along these days to feed the ducks in Stephen’s Green, ‘cos there are no more ducks! It’s all flippin’ seagulls now! It’s not the same I tell ya….. They’ll not get my bread. Shoot the fookers (gulls & senators). C**ts the lot of them….

  11. bisted

    …heard of a man who buys banbury cakes and throws them to the seagulls off O’Connell Bridge….it’s these people encouraging them I blame.

      1. bisted

        …waiting for someone to call me anti-semite…again…but the hasbarists on here aren’t that bright.

  12. Mister Mister

    Garth Brooks, fu(kig seagulls. FFS, the things that occupy our nations politicians.

  13. Eoghany

    I voted to abolish the senate. I’ve done my bit. I blame the rest of you for this. (The ones that voted for retention).

  14. Davey T

    What has Ned got against Bray Wanderers- claiming that the players attack young children and steal their lollipops…madness

  15. TomRed

    Seagulls get a bad press.
    They are an indigenous Irish species and their numbers are under threat. In Dublin, the original seagull population lived on the flight path for the new airport in North Dublin so they were culled in a mass extinction programme carried out by the State.
    Numbers started to recover by the 60s and 70s but they soon dwindled again when they ingested black plastic bags (on which they scavenged) and this contained a nasty poison at the time.
    I wouldn’t worry about ducks in our park ponds – they are not a native species to Ireland!
    In Dublin (and other coastal cities), gulls nest in areas that resemble rocky outcrops.

    I’ve had gulls outside my window for the past 5 years and was so annoyed by them that I contacted the Irish Wildlife Service and found out all of the above information. Certainly changed my attitude to them.

    So let’s hear it for one of our native species………….Here come the gulls…

    (I’ll get my coat.)

  16. eamonn moran

    Why do humans think we have the right to cull wild animals.
    We are so full of our own self importance as a species, a bit of humility wouldn’t go astray.

  17. WhyNot

    And don’t get me started on the robins! Come into the house so they do and steal the dog’s dinner!

    1. DaveM

      good one WHYNOT.maybe we should get back to figuring out how to get rid of hipsters in a humane and caring way

  18. Billy

    I agree with him, impossible to sleep in Smithfield with the window open.

    They rip open bin bags all the time too.

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