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Bird boffins have warned of a surge in the number of aggressive seagulls this Summer


This morning/afternoon.

Ireland saw a 50% jump in callouts regarding gulls and other pest birds so far this year.

Dublin accounts for over 60% of total callouts for seagulls and other pest birds followed by Wicklow (16%) and Kilkenny (16%) so far this year.

Pest control experts Rentokil is urging people to be wary of them when eating outdoors, in particular, once outdoor dining returns in June, as this is when they are most likely to harass or try to steal food from members of the public and raid waste bins.

Irish pubs update: Disease-riddled seagulls enemy number one who could disrupt outdoor reopening (Dublin Live)



This afternoon.

Sandymount, Dublin 4.

Seagulls forced back to the sea as food becomes harder to find in the capital’s streets.

Might put manners on them.

Sam Boal/Rollingnews


Stop that!

This morning.

St Patrick’s Cathedral, Wood Quay, Dublin 8.

It’s not even bath night.

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