Snug In Melbourne


The Snug_PaddyCasey_Roesy_01_BWThe Snug_PaddyCasey_Roesy_04

The Snug bar, Melbourne last night.

Marcus Byrne writes:

“I am Irish and have been living in Australia for about 10 years. Last night, on a wet and windy evening [it’s Winter] on the busy Sydney Road in Brunswick, Melbourne, we were having a few pints in a tiny Irish bar, The Snug. The guys from ‘Legend Of Luke Kelly’ and Paddy Casey popped in and treat the punters to some classic songs from their repertoire. In old Irish tradition, chairs were arranged in a circle and  were treated to many hours of Irish trad classics. Paddy belted out ‘Saints and Sinners’ and at request, ‘Sweet Suburban Sky’. Chris Kavanagh, as Luke Kelly finished off the evening with Scorn Not His Simplicity. Micheal and Kim, who opened The Snug only a few years ago were the perfect hosts. Evenings like this are few and far between and I just wanted to share it with you. Also singer songwriter Roesy [in denim jacket] is in the middle of a crowd funding campaign for his new album Wolf Counsel.  It would be great to let the Irish Population know about this if possible….’

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22 thoughts on “Snug In Melbourne

    1. Grouse

      The fact that he’s living in Australia doesn’t undermine your weird sanctimoniousness. Jesus Christ, someone moves to the other side of the world, ten years gone, and you won’t let him have an evening of Irish music? It’s not like he’s on the year jaunt.

    2. Formerly known as


      FFS, People who have lived outside Ireland for over 10 years, are entitled to experience a night of Irish music.
      It is not as if there is a large Irish ghetto in Melbourne, where you can pretend you are still living in the Aul’ Sod.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      And for attempting to skip the queue for a pool table in a pub, asking me the question “do you know who I am?”

      I said I didn’t. And took my place ahead of him.

  1. bubbasbaby

    Bubbasbuddy was in whelans a few years ago at the bar and guy turns to him and saya “mundy is playing tonight, do you like mundy?” “Ah, no i don’t” he says and moves away. “what was mundy saying to you” says decco when he gets back to the table with the beers, “probably trying to skip the queue at the bar, was he?”

    1. BubbasbuddyDontPay

      What Bubbasbuddy is really trying to say here is that he bought a round once. But everyone who knows him knows that’s bollox.

  2. Kate

    Looked like a great session. Wish I was there. And for those who appreciate Irish music, what a rare treat. The comments here are from those who never left Ireland. Oh.. They may go to Spain once a year and get drunk and sun burnt. Yeah.. You know those guys. :)

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