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The  Sunday Independent early edition (top) and later editions (above)

The current edition of The Phoenix magazine claims that Sunday Independent editor Anne Harris has agreed early severance terms with Independent News and Media and will leave in October.

Yesterday’s Sunday Independent published an opinion piece by Ms Harris claiming that The Phoenix article was entirely incorrect, saying: ‘the whole story is a lie’.

However Ms Harris’ column in the  Saturday Night Edition of the Sunday Independent – which reaches shops in Dublin on Saturday night – was different the paper’s later edition – which usually reaches shops nationwide early Sunday morning. to wit:

Gavin Sheridan, of TheStory.ie, writes:

There was one critical paragraph that was substantially edited between editions (there are other changes too but I think this is the more significant). The early edition of the paragraph was written thusly (emphasis mine):
‘Since, as I pointed out earlier, none of this is true, I am clearly not the only one defamed. Denis O’Brien is the major shareholder in INM. In theory, with 29pc of the shares, he does not control it. In practice, he does.
But in the later edition of the paper, it said:
‘Since, as I pointed out earlier, none of this is true, I am clearly not the only one defamed. Denis O’Brien is the major shareholder in INM. In theory, with 29pc of the shares, he does not control it.’
I’m not sure this clearly significant change could be blamed on an over zealous sub-editor. The meaning of the entire paragraph has been altered. Why was the column changed and by whom? Was it done with the permission of the editor and author? Which column represents the truly held beliefs of that author? Surely it can’t be both?”


Why was this Anne Harris Sunday Independent column modified? (thestory.ie)

Thanks Gavin

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20 thoughts on “Uncompromising

  1. bruce01

    “In theory” actually implies the converse of the statement and so backing that up with “in practice…” is useless. The editor of a newspaper should, in theory, know this. Just as journalists, in theory, know when to use ‘more’ or ‘most’.

    1. medieval knievel

      disagree. you can talk about something ‘in theory’ which has not been put into practice, so the ‘in theory’ comment is neutral.

      1. WhyNot

        No we should not purchase or consume their corporate crypto-drivel. The identities of the actual monkeys operating the gears does not interest me.

  2. Lilly

    I spy the hands of a lawyer. Denis O’Brien would not want anyone implying editorial interference from him.

  3. Haroo

    I was reading the Sunday review section of the sindo and I saw that it carried two stories the Sally Ann Clarke interview and a story about Bernie cafolla that I had read online the previous Sunday as if there had been a huge printing mess up

  4. Buzz

    If Newstalk is anything to go by, the Sindo will not improve under Denis. I heard Sarah Carey, ‘Talking Point’ I think it’s called, for the first time on Saturday and it was woeful. It was as if she got a few of her buddies in and they waffled aimlessly for what seemed like eternity about pre-nuptial agreements. Marian Finucane she ain’t. I admire her neck though.

    1. Buzz

      That’s harsh. I used to enjoy her Irish Times columns although I understand why they had to get rid of her. She suited that space though: a female voice capable of covering heavy topics with levity in a newspaper weighed down with a dull, male perspective. The contrast was good.

  5. Limey Tank

    Sad to say but the Guardian/Observer is all that’s left for me. I used to be a regular Sindo buyer too, but I’m sick of it.

  6. Smithers

    Maybe DOB is clearing house-removing the last of the O’Reilly appointees and installing a more compliant regime. Should we care? Probably not. The Indo & Sindo are like snakes eating their own tail. Completely obsessed with their own world view or rather playing to the fears and wants of a certain strata of Middle class Ireland..

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