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In a week that saw [at the UNHRC in Geneva] a principal officer at the Department of Health admit that Ireland’s abortion law discriminated against women who could not afford to travel to Britain, Dublin South East TD Lucinda Creighton [on yesterday’s Marian Finucane programme on RTÉ Radio One], chose another story to discuss…

Marian Finucane:You picked out as well a story in the Business Post called ‘NAMA Offers Deals To Stop Developers Seeking Bankruptcy Abroad’.”

Lucinda Creighton:Yeah. I just had a quick look at that. I suppose the thing that strikes me about this is that we have to be very careful when we’re trying to resolve the huge problems that we still obviously have in the property sector. A lot of major players who have been embroiled now for a number of years in trying to resolve debt overhang etc with NAMA that we don’t forget about all of the other business in the country that is literally you know collapsing under the weight of debt and this is something that Morgan Kelly and many others have pointed to as one of the biggest challenges to economic recovery in this country so. I have a fear, I have a concern that if we talk about special circumstances for bankruptcy where people involved in property development and speculation in the past and we ignore the huge existing problem and challenge for a lot of people in small business who can’t afford to go to the UK for bankruptcy purposes for example, being truthful. It’s just not an option for them. You know I think prioritising one cohort of business people above others is actually, firstly is completely unfair and secondly actually risks ignoring probably the biggest challenge we have to economic recovery which is getting the small and medium sized enterprise domestic economy back functioning.”

Listen here (scroll to 48 minute mark)

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Laura Hutton/Photocall Ireland

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60 thoughts on “The Right To Travel

  1. Blah Editorial, July 21st

    “Today we shall compare bankruptcy (which is legal in Ireland, and also in the UK), to abortion (which is illegal in Ireland, but legal in the UK). Rather than make the simple point that bankruptcy is legal in both countries, we shall instead conflate the two issues.

    We don’t like (the democratically elected) Lucinda Creighton around here. After all, when voting against the Protection of Life Act, she followed through on her pre-election promises. Disgraceful, unreasonable behaviour.

    Conflating abortion and bankruptcy will generate a warm glow here in the Broadsheet offices. The smug feeling of superiority will be fantastic. Any and all concerns about a popular website using its large readership to broadcast its political colours can be adequately rebutted with a simple ‘GTFO’ response.”

    1. ABM

      She also doesn’t go along with the gay agenda. How dare she. A dangerous pimple on Irish democracy.

        1. ABM

          Maybe. Maybe not.

          Either way, she’ll always be able to go home every night to her family where she can sleep soundly, secure in the knowledge that she has acted according to her conscience and has no fears whatsoever when facing ultimate judgement.

          That there’s an army of grumpy old losers cackling at her from their bedsits is of no consequence to her and her family.

          1. kurtz

            Unfortunately her personal quest to get into heaven so she can sit on a cloud and play a harp for eternity is actually impacting on many peoples lives.

            How unfortunate for her then that when she does pop her clogs, nothing more awaits her than rotting in the ground like every other mammal that’s ever lived.

          2. WhyNot

            I agree with you there, I respect her standing up for her beliefs. However she is wrong. She should be running in Danaland.

          3. scottser

            you’re really caught up with this ‘judgement day’ thing, aren’t you? what’ll you do when you realise there’s a special place in hell for those who spew hatred and hypocrisy toward toward the rest of god’s creatures?

        2. Medium Sized C

          She most likely will.

          There are plenty of pissed off middle class conservatives in the area she will be standing.
          She is popular. She hasn’t changed.

          Just because you don’t like someone, doesn’t mean that everybody dislikes them.

  2. bobsyerauntie

    I don’t hate anybody, but I do have a serious problem with people who talk absolute crap- particularly politicians…

  3. bobsyerauntie

    Scroll up to around 16 mins 22seconds for the really shameful stuff…
    A minister for equality who was against equality for gay people!.. Wow..
    A Woman who is against progressive Women’s rights…
    That’s embarrassing for a modern Western European nation in the 21st century- I don’t care what anyone says- it’s medieval and backward… these kinds of right wing Catholic views have no place anymore in our country and the sooner we rid ourselves of the last remnants of this the better off our society will be…

      1. bobsyerauntie

        I never said I don’t like Catholics, I said I don’t like bullshitting – especially from politicians and I don’t think that Ireland has a place for right wing Catholic ideologies anymore. I have nothing against any religion or religious people, I just think that the job of the state is to legislate for progress not bring us backwards- if people want to pray to the tooth fairy, or worship a lamp post I don’t care- just don’t interfere in my life or deny me my civil and human rights because of your religious beliefs (which are really just superstitions anyhow)..

    1. Jay

      Yeah, it seemed like a bit of a contradiction. Wasn’t she a bit anti Europe as minister for European Affairs as well?

      I know a few people who gave her a preference to her at the last election, once I pointed out her views to them they were quite horrified.

  4. Rugbyfan

    Wait….The bigger scandal here is Marian Finucane still has a radio show, how much she is paid for that ?

  5. Ian

    The UK doesn’t have bankruptcy for companies: the possibilities are Company Voluntary Arrangement, administration, winding-up or receivership.

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