There’s A Pair Of Them In It



You pair.

Scamps be scampin’.

Free The Shannon Two.

UPDATE here.

(Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland)


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27 thoughts on “There’s A Pair Of Them In It

      1. Tony the Toy Gur

        They’re stopping to refuel.

        So other stuff we sell that ends up in the hands of militaries around the world jeopardises our neutrality? Bullsh*t.

        1. Mark Dennehy

          It’s more that we’re tacitly supporting kidnapping and torture when we do so without inspection.

          On the other hand, two randomers climbing over the fence and wandering round the apron at a major airport does not constitute inspection, it’s the opening jet engine scene from Lost waiting to happen…

  1. bozo

    Everyone knows they are a couple yeah? Clownish behaviour from elected officials. they should stick to playing footsie in the Dail.

  2. Jack A

    They weren’t inspecting aircraft, they were trying to join the mile high club in parked planes.

    No matter what they were doing, no better place than jail for them for being so stupid. Even I could find a better political stunt than that. I wonder if they had clipboards and all?

  3. Davey T

    Mick and Clare
    Doing a dare
    protesting against
    US warfare

    Along comes Ming
    always rebelling
    authority sucks man
    Anti establishment king

    Then Finian McGrath
    Shows up in just a bra
    Independent living
    those crazy guys wha

  4. Mulch

    Is nobody else concerned that an old woman and now two gobshites can even get airside, never mind near the actual aircraft?!
    Whats the point in Terminal security when these dopes can just take the side gate!

    1. f-mong

      I’m more concerned that the US is illegally transporting weaponary or prisoners through Irish airports with our Goverements consent and our armies assitance making a joke of our neutrality

      but whatever, right?

      1. Mulch

        The issue of crap security is more is more important. The government could deny the US access to Shannon in the morning, but the fact that anyone can walk into restricted areas of an operating airport will remain.
        Any nutjob could take advantage of this.

        1. jungleman

          Indeed. A Muslim terrorist for instance? One who blames Ireland for assisting the illegal invasion of Iraq?

          1. Mulch

            I get that our current stance could be taken into account by terrorists in that way and they see Ireland as a legitimate target, but we have just as much chance as someone who got fired by the Airport authority (or the likes) taking it upon themselves to take revenge. My point is it doesn’t matter where the threat is coming from, the overall security of the airport is not adequate. End of.

  5. scottser

    fabulous. i hope mick was wearing a cape/mask ensemble and clare was in a patent leather catsuit. it’s important to always look the part at least.

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