A Blue Day For The Blues




The former Crowley’s Music Store on Cork’s MacCurtain St today (top) looking neglected and up for sale.

Rory Gallagher purchased his 1961 Fender Stratocaster (centre) in Crowley’s Merchants Quay shop and changed Irish music FOREVER.

In the clip (above) from his 1974 Irish tour documentary Rory is seen sampling the goods in both shops and talking with proprietor Michael Crowley.

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3 thoughts on “A Blue Day For The Blues

  1. John Finn

    Ouch, that picture hit me right in the sads! Loved that shop. Spent many an hour in there as a teenager longingly staring longingly at Les Pauls and Stratacasters. The staff were always really sound and let you try out whatever you wanted. Must have spent thousands in there over the years. Huge loss to the cork music scene. Only one over priced shop to get equipment in in Cork now.

  2. scottser

    i was in there a few years ago, couldn’t put down a very tasty baja telecaster with a lovely fat maple neck. kicking meself i hadn’t got the 400 bucks at the time or i’d have snapped it up. shame it’s closing, but i guess a lot of folks either trade, buy second hand or buy from the internet sites.

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