We’re Going To Need A Bigger Garden


donegan landscaping dublinbloom

Peter’s Bloom 2008 offering (top) and his show garden (above) from Bloom 2007. Peter in centre.

We don’t normally do this but….

Landscape gardener Peter Donegan writes:

This may sound a bit odd…. but I’m looking for a helicopter. For a garden. A show garden that is.As it stands I have no sponsor. Not a concern. I’ve been here before. Far more importantly, I’ve no flying machine and so I can’t entirely equation the creative. And so the chicken and the egg story continues. I’ve been here before. It’s all good…Of note: the better the outside and inside of the copter the better. It doesn’t need an engine. That said, beggars and choosers and…. Try me. “


Wanted Helicopter. For A Garden (PeterDoneganLandscaping)

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12 thoughts on “We’re Going To Need A Bigger Garden

    1. Always Wright

      If I had a fleet of hueys I wouldn’t lend one to somebody who said “equation the creative.”

  1. The Old Boy

    The Old Boy’s Part-Worn Military Supplies: suppliers of high quality service aircraft to the world’s private militias at keen prices. Contact through the usual channels.

  2. Jf

    There’s helicopter fuselage displayed on the N7 dual carriageway* somewhere by Kill / Johnstown. It’s advertising something but I’ve no idea where. It’s somewhere between Naas and Goffs.

    * Well not ON it, beside it.

  3. EquationtheCreative

    Fantastic idea. I remember seeing your plans for a boat to go in Bloom and I didn’t think it could be done!
    We need more creative people like you in this world :)

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