8 thoughts on “Don’t It Always Seem To Go

  1. Well, that's that

    A former resident of Kilkenny myself all this smacks of fearing changing. Small town folk making any excuse to stop progress and keep things as they know it – they feel safest that way. If you don’t embrace change Kilkenny will soon be a museum and a staggered one at that. You had your chance to have your say and only objected after the window of opportunity closed. Tough luck.

    1. khanfred

      The group against the Central Access Scheme are called the Campaign to Complete Kilkenny Ring Road, so I don’t think it is correct to say that they fear change. The fear is that the wrong infrastructure is being built in the wrong place (at considerable taxpayers’ expense) and that the Central Access Scheme will have a detrimental effect on the local economy by deterring tourists (a significant commercial activity in Kilkenny). The proposal dates back to the 1970’s and belongs back there, as it does not represent modern urban planning goals (it will encourage heavy goods traffic to come into the city, whereas modern urban planning tries to avoid this). The plan was vigorously objected to since it was proposed and planning objections were lodged, so it is also not correct to say that it was only objected to after the window of opportunity closed. The planning approval was based on an Environmental Impact Assessment which was arguably flawed (discoveries made on site since the project was commenced would support that view).

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